Online Counselling

Online counselling is for everyone!

I wish to offer the best experience for my clients I have therefore completed an additional certificate in online and telephone counselling training.

Counselling online could be beneficial for you if you feel anxiety about meeting face to face. I understand meeting someone in person might feel intimidating or uncomfortable for you.

Is there a difference between face to face and online sessions?

There is much empirical evidence that shows that online counselling is as effective, as face to face counselling. There are differences between face to face counselling and online counselling. Both have different advantages.

There is something called the ‘disinhibition effect‘ which shows that we can feel safer with a screen in front of us, rather than a person. You’re in your own space, I’m in mine. There is a level of distance which allows you to go to the crux of the matter quicker as you feel safe and secure in your environment.

There is no doubt about it, online counselling has huge benefits!  Whether you prefer online, face to face or a blend of the two is your personal choice.

If you cannot leave the house, for whatever reason, I can work with you online.

Do I have to have my camera on?

If you’re uncomfortable with having your camera on, you can choose to turn it off. This would have the same feel as telephone counselling.

I do prefer to try and see how we get on with your camera on. It helps us to get a better sense of each other, who you are and how our time together is connecting with you.

I’m quite happy for you to have a session and experiment to see what its like for you with your camera off and mine on, and then we can take it from there.

Keeping counselling continuity during the holidays

I work with students who return home over the summer or go away for other holidays. As a client who may be travelling, so we can stay connected, we can have online counselling sessions during this time.

If you are not a student and you would like to keep your counselling going while you go away, we can do this.

The tech side of things

We will discuss which technology we prefer to use between us, Zoom is my preference. However, so we can connect safely it is essential that you have a private location where you can speak freely.

So you can see me clearly a laptop or tablet/ ipad is preferable to using a telephone because a phone screen is quite small.

More about counselling

Whether you choose face to face or online counselling, the way the sessions are run is the same. You can read more about counselling the general overview of sessions here


My fee is £50 for 50 minute appointment.

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