Supervision for counsellors in Bristol and online

I look forward to working with you for supervision and building a cohesive working relationship; sharing skills and knowledge to help you work to your full potential!

Anyone impacted by the work they carry out that feel they would benefit from a restorative, safely held space for reflective practice are welcome to contact me to discuss their needs.

“Supervision provides a protected space in which reflection can take place and helps us develop our own ‘internal supervisor’. This can support us in not being reactive when under pressure in difficult encounters so that we can reflect on what is happening and develop a more thoughtful response.”

– Peter Hawkins and Aisling Mahon

Who do I work with?

Whatever stage of your practice you are at I believe we can build a working alliance to help you support and grow in your practise.

My main focus of working with counsellors relationally is to provide a normative, educational and reparative experience.

I am able to offer creative reflective relational practice to support you, or your team within the helping professions.

I am a warm, compassionate, trauma informed practitioner with the experience to support you and your business to grow.

Are you just starting out as a Counsellor or in training?

It can feel hard to make that commitment to starting your therapy practice.

I want to work with you to encourage you through this process, sharing ideas and supporting your business alongside your wellbeing.

Counsellors are forged in flames! The training process can be gruelling , I would love to provide you with compassionate, informed supervision during this time.

If you are an experienced practitioner, I can support you too.

Please continue reading to see if the way that I work is something that would be useful to you.

For group reflective practice within organisations

If you are part of an organisation and need a group process and reflective practice facilitator on an adhoc basis, I’d love help.

Please get in touch to book me for group reflective practice work within your organisation.

The relationship we build together is at the centre of our work

By encouraging honesty and courageousness, and listening to you in a non- judgemental and non-shaming way, we will lay the foundations of our work together. A Relational approach is at the core of my work. 

The relationship we co-create is at the heart of the work we do together; supervision is as important as our client work! We have the opportunity to explore the relationship that we build with each other and our clients, understanding what this means in the therapeutic process.

We will build safe, mutual and trusting relationships in which we can ensure ethical standards are maintained; collaborating together when we meet ethical dilemmas and safeguarding issues.


The knowledge I bring is gained through 15 years of experience in therapeutic environments such as; trauma informed rehabilitation centres, mental health charities, working with complex case loads experiencing domestic abuse/ substance misuse and homelessness, The bereavement charity Cruse, a busy service within a GP surgery, and as well as previous roles as a specialist rape and sexual abuse counsellor for SARSAS. I currently am in private practice working with a portfolio of organisations and charities.

I have been very fortunate to work alongside and continuously learn from incredibly generous and skilled counsellors, psychotherapists and supervisors. I wish to share this with supervisees.

I am currently completing an Advanced Diploma in Relational Supervision which is facilitated by Karl Gregory and Sheila Dodd-McCarthy of Severn Talking Therapy; both are recognised professionally as very experienced and well respected practitioners who are well known for the exciting work that they do.

As well as running a successful private practice, I have also workedfor a third sector organisation with a feminist ethos providing a trauma informed service that supports clients through rape and sexual abuse.

When in person sessions start up again, if it is safe to do so post Covid-19 other wise I have a variety of online platforms that I use which allow us to meet flexibly at a time that suits you.

Supervision – in person or online?

I am able to offer a choice or blend of in person or online to meet .i

I have completed an in depth training in online work and am happy to work in whichever medium is preferred or a blend of the two.

These session can be in person or online and you can read more about online supervision here or contact me to book your 1-1 supervision sessions.

Individual or Group supervision?

This is a personal decision; the amount and type of supervision you will need depends on your caseload and the subject matter with which you are working. It will also depend on what your resources are like. You might also need more supervision at different times of the year so a combination of 1-1 and group could be beneficial.

The benefit of joining a group is the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience support from a wider circle of colleagues.

Many Supervises find great value in a combination of individual and group supervision.


£25 per person for group sessions – 4 people per group

Individual supervision fees are £55per hour.

If you are just starting out or managing a small caseload, it is possible to negotiate a fee that works for us both so please do contact me to discuss this.

Please get in touch for further information

Please contact me to book in for 1-1 or group supervision, in person or online >